Kiwi – better than aspirin

8 reasons to eat this fruit
Kiwi keeps you in shape. Did you ever eat “Chinese gooseberries”? Are you sure? It’s kiwi fruit from China, Americans discovered only in the 60s. Although at first glance do not seem too appetizing, they taste great and are sometimes better than a drug. In China they called Yang Tao. The missionaries who brought them to New Zealand in the early twentieth century they have baptized “Chinese gooseberry”. The first time they came to the New World on a restaurant table by 1960 enchanted senses an American merchant who thought of importing. They named the kiwi bird neo-zeelendeza the same name, with whose feathers resemble.

What benefits have these fruits?

  1. They are an excellent source of fiber, which helps clean the colon of toxins and reduce the occurrence of colon cancer. They also help lower cholesterol levels, leading thus to reduce the risk of a heart attack. In addition, fiber-rich fruits, like kiwi, it helps people with diabetes to keep blood sugar under control.
  2. The consumption of these fruits is a delicious way to keep your heart healthy. If you eat some kiwi a day reduces the risk of blood clots and the amount of fat (triglycerides) in the blood. Fruits have the same effect as aspirin, only the latter can cause ulcers.
  3. confer protection against asthma and other respiratory diseases due to its high content of vitamin C. In a kiwi is even more vitamin C than an orange. A study by the Italians on 18 thousand children show the symptoms of asthma are 44% less common in children who eat between 5 and 7 citrus and kiwifruit per week than those who eat this fruit less than once a week. The little ones suffering from asthma at baseline had most benefited from the experiment. After a “treatment” with kiwi their health has improved.
  4. It is good for the eyes: helps fight against eye degeneration. Although you learn that carrots are good for sight, it seems that these fruits beyond his. Ophthalmologists have found that eating three or more fruit a day reduces by 36% the risk of ocular degeneration.
  5. Phyto-nutrients in kiwi protects our DNA. This fruit has fascinated researchers by its ability to protect DNA from free radical bombardment. Kiwi is an important source of phyto-nutrients and antioxidants – substances that delay the cell aging. Some say that the bark is very rich in nutrients and remove lint if you can wash and eat without problems.
  6. Kiwi contains two other antioxidants: vitamin E and A. Vitamin E gives skin health and speeds healing of certain skin diseases and wounds.
  7. Who is lack of potassium, magnesium and phosphorus is also good to eat kiwi.
  8. The high content of vitamin C prevents arthritis and atherosclerosis and strengthens the immune system. The only problem would be that, like strawberries, kiwi can cause allergic reactions to certain people; This is especially the children who are prone to allergies. These fruits kidney patients is not recommended. They contain oxalates, which can crystallize and substances can affect health.






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