Propolis – Superfood

n the lines below going to talk about a product of the hive which luckily left the simple wave of a herbal medicine mode. Time has given us over the years a series of sumptuously presented news in the field of alternative medicine, but quite a few were able to demonstrate real value and to retain relevance. If I had to choose ten natural products with undeniable value, propolis would certainly be among the first. Not only did it successfully passed the test of time, but today is ever studied and is the subject of multiple uses. The offer that we still are high efficiency, verified by long experience.

Propolis in skin disorders, wounds, mycosis
In 18 years of work as a physician I always had me a bottle of propolis tincture and powder clay one, whether I was in my office or at the hospital or in the emergency room and surgery. After all these years, where I worked mostly in rural areas where accidents are usually plagues the field or in the woods, ie deep septic conditions can say that using propolis tincture in all cases of wounds treated “per first “with or without sutures, deeper or more superficial, regardless of location, product healing quickly and infectious or inflammatory events. This is without the need for antibiotic or local or general. Healing occurs with a small scar as compared to those resulting from the use of conventional medical solutions, or no scar. In difficult situations it propolis tincture orally administered, possibly in combination with Echinacea. For deep wounds or anfractuoase I used honey, facilitating sanitize and granulation process, so difficult corners.

Even postoperative scarring, regardless of the type of intervention is the fastest and most showy when using propolis tincture instead of disinfectant solutions, which are ineffective healing.
Besides acute wounds propolis it is particularly useful in various chronic skin diseases. But we must remember that skin is a kind of showcase of the body. When we talk about chronic dermatological diseases we should not imagine that we can heal by external applications. It is always necessary internal therapy, which is also propolis.
External generally use propolis tincture moist lesions, as this helps to dry them. On dry or scaly plagues apply ointment with propolis, which softens and facilitates removing the crusts. On the market are at least two ointments that can be recommended: Propoderm cream made by ICDA Bucharest (former Institute Bee) and propolis ointment Larix Sovata firm, which I find very successful.
It is useful to know that propolis is one of the most powerful antifungal. It can be used in all mycoses, the time to healing was shorter than for conventional medicines. Effective local, and in more severe cases the effect is enhanced when administered and general. For mycosis nail treatments are usually long, for generating fungus is confined deep into the skin and nail bed. It may be necessary in these cases 3-6 months of combination treatment, local and general.
In candidiasis in particular have maintenance check potential factors; for example, be rich in nutrition products causes mucus or incorrect that rhythm, that they have therefore incomplete digestion.

Propolis in burns
The experience of so many years of practice showed me how effective and convenient it is to use propolis tincture skin burns Grade I and II. It seems unusual use of a burning alcoholic solutions, but propolis tincture is special. First alcohol evaporates immediately because local heat without damage, and even taking some extra heat in excess. Then, propolis in solution remains as a thin film that has healing and anesthetic effects. Trying it with courage, first on my own person, whenever appropriate, I noticed that if applied correctly, immediately after the accident, healing can be done even without blistering (hives), and sometimes even without inflammation, and that whether a liquid boiling temperature was the cause or even a hot metal burn.
Application mode: the key is that the first 30-60 minutes, without putting dressings tincture badijonajul to repeat every time the pain increases; or pour directly on the affected area. This may mean an application every few minutes. But the reward appears: in about half an hour almost does not feel pain and observe how instead of increasing inflammatory signs, they gradually diminishes. After about an hour almost no longer noticed anything burning place.
Propolis in the mouth diseases: periodontitis, thrush, cancer
Typically the mucous propolis tincture not apply directly, because it is too hard. In the mouth using a mouthwash prepared as follows: in a small beaker (up to 50 mL) Add 1 to 5 ml. propolis tincture (as necessary) and add plain water. The resulting solution is commonly used as a disinfectant oral or mouth to treat various diseases such as periodontitis, sores or other injuries. In pathological situations it is recommended that at least 3 rinses / day. Those with periodontitis will soon notice that you no longer bleeding gums and teeth no longer moved, may once again become stable after 1-2 months. In the same way it can be used in cases of cancers of the mouth, to ease local phenomena. Smokers who try to leave this habit have a greater advantage if chew raw propolis, because it saturates some of the receptors stimulated by smoking tobacco and decreases appetite. And if less propolis stick to the teeth, easily removable chewing a peanut or walnut.
The small but avoidable agony oral thrush. If the vesicle catch-and-mouth ulcer before a puncture with propolis tincture undiluted, it will dry and avoid the development so painful ulceration.

Propolis in liver
For chronic hepatitis, virus B, C or D, propolis can be used with good chances to maintain control of viral load values, and even sometimes they fall to levels undetectable. It mentions here for those who monitor their liver condition include viremia by analysis if they want to be sure that treatment outcomes should seek a reliable laboratory. Unfortunately the best are abroad.
Method of administration: propolis tincture can be used at a dose of 2 x 2-3 mL / day, mixed with honey required, the buffering effect of the undesired alcohol. Bee pollen and royal jelly cruel cruel, along with thistle, taken in parallel, restore liver structure and decrease the harm of alcohol, which anyway is pretty small amount in relation to the benefits of the wealth of active substances tincture. It even aqueous extract of propolis and propolis essence. It does not recommend using glycolic propolis tincture instead, for although alcohol does not gustatory sensation, however glycol also belongs to the chemical class of alcohols. The food industry is considered more toxic than ordinary alcohol: maximum recommended legislation 1ml / day.
Propolis in peptic ulcer
It is good to know that the ulcer is a disease that must be carefully monitored and that the disproportionate use of antacids may mask the development of an ulcer to neoplasia or cancer ulcerated. As such it should go to a proven way to effectively treat your ulcer. One is the proposed apitherapy, propolis tincture.
Directions: take 2-3 ml doses. propolis tincture, twice a day, not necessarily mixed with honey, at least 15 minutes before meals. Sometimes it may feel pain at baseline. They must be supported, they will not linger too long. Depending on the size of the ulcer cure may take 1-3 months. It may be helpful association with a cold soak calamus. Do not forget: a good and proper nutrition is essential. Avoid soft drinks, acidic or spicy foods, drinking coffee and cigarettes.
Disorders of the ear
40 years ago Russian scientists have demonstrated in clinical trials that a mixture of propolis tincture 1/4 and 3/4 oil (corn or olive) gives unexpected results in deafness. Soak a small mesh with this mixture, place it in the ear evening and leave until morning. When my patients functioned well.
In otitis externa can call on badijonajul with propolis tincture simple. In otitis media is useful aqueous extract of propolis. Not recommended instillation of propolis tincture directly to the eardrum simple.

Propolis in respiratory viruses
If respiratory virus diseases treatment propolis is preferable, given his strong antiviral effect. And, of course taking into account the fact that influenza is a disease of viral, bacterial not, and that more than 90% of colds are also caused by viruses. In these situations do not warrant treatment “per first” with antibiotics, which kill only bacteria and viruses do not.
Directions: if the first signs of cold propolis tincture is administered in higher doses (2-3 x 3 ml / day in adults; 2-3 x 3 drops / kg / day in young children; obviously mixed with honey ), healing is much faster and lighter symptoms. It is no longer possible and install all the typical signs of a cold.
Propolis children, infants
We have to come back to bewilderment that if infants are vaccinated before they have their own immune system or antibiotics are recommended, why not use it and hive products? Well, after many years of using bee products, without any reservation, I recommend all mothers aqueous propolis extract, propolis essence or new product that we talked about.
Method of administration: One to three drops per kg body weight per day. In practice, as some years ago there was only on the market as propolis tincture extract, we used to all children, including infants, mixed with honey. Nothing bad ever happened and curative effects manifested themselves fully, without colds, and antibiotics have ever recommended.
Especially in children in communities is highly effective prophylactic: they will cool more slowly, until colds will become exceptions.
Aerosols with propolis
Recently I had the opportunity to see the Austrian clinic where treatments are air-hive, which is loaded with aerosols and other volatile components of propolis bee products. This course involves “harvesting” hive air through a duct and administration via a face mask. The effects of improving breathing, immunity and general condition are so obvious that athletes came there for rehabilitation and restorative, but also patients with asthma or other respiratory conditions. Most unusual is the fact that therapy is administered and horses. They were scheduled long before racing valuable because they increase much procedure competitive ability.
At home it can get a similar effect if we use the so-called propolizata. It is a device that produces and releases into the atmosphere aerosols propolis. It was very helpful in cleaning the air and prevent diseases if used in rooms with communities. There is also a version for cars. The machine name is Propolair and can be ordered online.

Internal and external hemorrhoids
Treating hemorrhoids miracle creams with effect guaranteed 48 hours is not possible. Hemorrhoids most often causes not only local but national, involved a recipe for life. In short: man chooses a diet low in cereals, but rich in animal protein. A salt and a hard season. A wound in a sedentary appealing, leaves to rise about 10 years, then get some splendid hemorrhoids. Of course, there are various other reasons that only local treatment is futile, for hemorrhoids can recover if not removed the internal causes and factors of maintenance.
Treatment: strictly speaking local therapy can recommend a version that I found effective: sitz baths with apple tea-wolf, followed by application of propolis in suppositories and cream. Sitz bath is done in the evening, preferably at bedtime, for 10-20 minutes at a maximum temperature bearable, that you not cooked. The tea is prepared by boiling 10 minutes in 1200 ml. of water, 4 tablespoons (tea) plant overflows with good ground. The amount shall be adjusted proportionately so put in a dipping bowl to allow the anal area. After the bath rectal suppository is inserted with propolis and propolis ointment anoint anus. In simple cases, the unpleasant symptoms diminish after a few days of local and hemorrhoids can retire in 10-14 days.
Bucharest Complex Bee Propolis makes a good suppository named Miprosept. Suppositories propolis can be used as adjuncts in the case of colon cancers, ulceration or other ailments of the large intestine. Also suppository with propolis is more than welcome for those who follow radiotherapy to the rectum or colon; local contribute, together with oral administration, to prevent fibrosis in the exposed areas.
Tick ??bites
Even if you created a kind of social psychosis on “invasion” of ticks, however, we must think that it is natural in nature as in some years some lives are more numerous in some others either animals or plants. In addition, Borrelia burgdorferi, transmitted by tick and came in shortly attention though has always existed and is broadcast by other insects, including mosquitoes banalii. And the high incidence of Lyme disease is due not only ticks or Borreliei, and the low level of population immunity. If we know how to guard against possible ill effects of the injection we can live peacefully.
Treatment: If the tick bite after removing all of it must immediately distemper place with propolis tincture. This will destroy the potential spirochetal leave the tick. For maximum security and can take orally for 2-3 days, a double dose of propolis against the virus diseases are useful in the prophylaxis administered in two doses, morning and evening. As personal experience: I was stung last summer 4 ticks after I applied the above treatment, without causing any negative consequence. Alternatively, probably in Germany on hundreds of cases, applying a bee sting (for those who know not to be allergic) punctured place tick.

Alternative medicine … alternative
Instead of closing might say that there is no alternative to alternative medicine. We who are some activists in the best sense of the word natural medicine, we must be aware of one thing: we have come into existence as a result of a tradition still alive, but especially foreshadowed failure limits and conventional health system .
Naturism is and must remain accessible to the people. It is and must remain effective as nature itself. Those who only read books or materials on the Internet, imagining that without practical experience may successful formula recipes that take the market indiscriminately, merely resemble Big Pharma, entering into the spirit of commercialism. If only guiding principle of “primum non nocere” does not mean that manage and treat. They can do as much harm in the absence of good that we blare, and the suffering that awaits him.
Similarly, sits on the ruthless commercialism and those who take advantage of people’s needs, unduly increasing prices of natural products. Romanian Beekeepers must know that they are the foundation of apitherapy. We need quality products and reasonable prices in line with purchasing power. Propolis price increased greatly year by year. If you grow even more, as happened in the case of pollen likely that Romanian producers of nutritional supplements and cosmetics will focus on foreign markets, which can bring many disadvantages Romanian market.






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